Energy Storage & Heating Products

Energy Transition is now more relevant than ever.

LIND’s mission is to reduce carbon with our unique patent pending technology. By installing the LIND system, we can release the potential of water filled heating systems to store green electricity and use to power your home or premises.

As well as vastly reducing carbon, the technology assists greatly with:

  • Lowering fuel costs, as can tap into green electricity or off-peak energy tariffs

  • ON /OFF nature of wind (renewables) and requirement to store this electrical energy, particularly in Scotland where energy storage is a real problem.

The company was founded in 2019 by experienced technology development specialists who have a proven track record and are passionate about the benefits of the technology. During Q2/Q3 2021, LIND have designed and built an alpha type demonstrator system.

We are now looking for suitable investors and partners interested in scaling up the unique technology. LIND are based around 30 minutes north of Edinburgh in Kinross where we have our demonstrator and HQ.

Please contact us for further details and opportunities.